4t5502 Pointed ripper suitable for mid-penetration of pointed ripper teeth

1. Description:Logo:BenepartsColor: Yellow or othersWeight:27 kgsApplied Machine:D9,D10,D11,D10N, D11N  Production Method:CastingMaterial:Alloy steelChemical Component:Please contact with our sales to know details.Hardness:HB 470-520Impact:≥15J (25ºC)Tensile Strength:≥1450Rm-N/mm²Yield Strength:&ge

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1. Description:
Color: Yellow or others
Weight:27 kgs
Applied Machine:D9,D10,D11,D10N, D11N
Production Method:Casting
Material:Alloy steel
Chemical Component:Please contact with our sales to know details.
Hardness:HB 470-520
Impact:≥15J (25ºC)
Tensile Strength:≥1450Rm-N/mm²
Yield Strength:≥1100Re-N/mm²

2. Our product line
4t5502 Tip-Ripper Fits Intermediate Penetration Tip Ripper Tooth

3. Our production line
4t5502 Tip-Ripper Fits Intermediate Penetration Tip Ripper Tooth

4. Popular items
Part numberMeasurementDescriptionWeigth/kgModel
4T4501R500Ripper Tooth27.5D10T D10N,D9R 9N
4T4502R500Ripper Tooth28.5D9,D10,D11,D11N,D10N
4T4503R500Ripper Tooth31.0D10,D10N,D11,D11N
4T4702PTJ700Bucket Tooth65.0E375,994
4T4702RCJ700Bucket Tooth50.0TALLA 70,E375,994
4T4702TLJ700Bucket Tooth38.0E375,994
4T4703J700Bucket Tooth67.0TALLA 70
4T4703PTJ700Bucket Tooth60.0 
4T4704J700Tooth adapter85.0E375,994
4T5451R450Ripper Tooth17.0D8,D9
4T5452R450Ripper Tooth17.4D8K,D8L,D8N,D9H,D9N R450
4T5452HDR450Ripper Tooth17.4D8,D9
4T5501R500Ripper Tooth24.0D10,D11,D9R,D11N,D10N
4T5501HDR500Ripper Tooth29.7D9,D10,D11
4T5501L Ripper Tip Short24.0D9-D11
4T5502R500Ripper Tooth27.0D9,D10,D11,D10N, D11N
4T5502HDR500Ripper Tooth33.3D9,D10,D11
4T5502TLR500Ripper Tooth27.8D9,D10,D10N,D11N,D11
4T5503R500Ripper Teeth35.0D9,D10,D11,D10N.D11N
6J8814R350Shank protector14.5D8,D9,D8L,D8N,D9N,D9H
6Y0309R300Ripper Tooth5.3D4,963,955,951,160H,140,130,14,12
6Y0309TLR300Ripper Tooth4.5D4,955
6Y0352R350Ripper Tooth10.9D5,D6,D7,977,983
6Y0352TLR350Ripper Tooth10.5D5,D6,D7
6Y0359R350Ripper Tooth10.2D5,D6,D7,977,973,16,983
6Y0469J350Unitooth, Gap3823.5966D,980F
6Y2553J550Bucket Tooth27.6E345,E350,988G,992D
6Y2553HDJ550Bucket Tooth33.0 
6Y3222J225Bucket teeth2.1E307,EX70,933
6Y3222RCJ225Bucket Tooth2.8E307,EX70,933
6Y3224J225Weld on Adapter2.7E307,EX70
6Y3254J250Weld on Adapter4.1E311,E312
6Y3552R550Ripper Tooth50.0D11SS,D11DR

5. Our warehouse
4t5502 Tip-Ripper Fits Intermediate Penetration Tip Ripper Tooth

6.Company information
Ningbo Beneparts Machinery co., Ltd as your reliable G.E.T parts supplier, offering full range of replacement parts suitable for all kinds of earthmoving machines which apply to mining, construction, agriculture etc. Like Excavator, Bulldozer, Loader, Backhoe, Scraper, Crusher and so on. The replacement parts that we supply including casting parts like bucket teeth, adapter, lip shroud, protector, ripper shank etc. and forged parts like forged bucket teeth, cutting edge, grader blades, segment, end bit etc. and also wear-resistant parts like chocky bars, wear buttons, chromium combined wear plate etc. and matched parts like pin, washer, bolts and nuts etc.. 
Beneparts has a very strong sales team and firmly cooperated manufacturer with high-tech and focus on quality with more than 28 years experience.
Our advantages are four fold, our:
1.strong technical team, and we have the ability to formulate materials to meetthe specific needs of our customer's projects.
2.Perfect quality monitoring system, and full range of advanced facilities, like Component analysis machine, Impact Machine, Tensile Strength machine etc.
3. Rich experience to do OEM/ODM business, we can develop items as per drawings and samples if you have specific requirement.
4. Efficient management, we can short delivery time and we have good after sale service which keep long term business cooperation with our customers.
Our commitment to you is always providing quick, convenient, effective customer service.
Look forward to meeting you!

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