Real Spartan Michigan defense please stand up

2021-11-10 05:50:16 By : Ms. Sunny Gu

In Saturday afternoon's game against Purdue University, Michigan State University's defense was really flavorful. MSU ranks third in the college football polls, but they don't like that. Their defense is terrible.

MSU was exposed and exploited due to injuries and inexperienced players shooting. If MSU is to remain competitive in the next three games, they will have to strengthen their defense.

This is really disappointing, but this is sports. No team in this country is without flaws. MSU still scored 29 points against Purdue, but they couldn't stop Purdue's passing game.

MSU is much better than last year, but to say the least they need to strengthen their defense. Meltak did a great job in an almost new team. But even he knew it was a terrible performance from the perspective of his entire defense.

The new players will have to play against Maryland on Saturday. From toe to leather are 4 bells. MSU is also a 13-point favorite. When you have a chance, you must seize it.

Defensive coaches must also work hard to achieve their goals. If MSU is to beat their opponents in the next three games, they must quickly become better defensively.