The reason why USB only works in one direction

2021-11-10 05:49:47 By : Mr. Dongsheng Zhu

Every time you plug in the phone charger, a 50/50 shot will be taken, and you will actually get it the right way the first time you try.

Now this is what I think about a lot. Why is there only one way to plug in a USB charger and why this method was invented. Is this an error, or the reason that USB can only operate in one way?

So I did some research because I'm sure, like me, after trying to insert the USB in the correct way, you might want to know the same thing. Well, what I found was very funny and ironic at the same time.

According to, the person responsible for inventing USB and other technologies is a man named Ajay Bhatt, an American computer architect born in India who defined and developed a variety of widely used technologies, including USB (Universal Serial Bus), and various other plug-in devices. Bhatt's work experience includes working as a senior architect on the chipset team at Intel in 1990. He is also responsible for 132 different U.S. and international patents.

Now this is where it becomes very interesting. According to, Bhatt actually agrees with USB that can be plugged in either way, but when forced to do so, the whole concept revolves around money. In order to have a plug that is compatible with both methods, the device needs to double the wires and circuits, which means that the manufacturer's cost is doubled. Obviously, such a cost increase is not feasible in our modern economic environment, so once they have a prototype, the deciding factor in winning the supplier is the low cost of USB, so Intel chose to make it an industry standard, even if you only Can be inserted in one way.

This tutorial video may be helpful when you are trying to figure out how to plug in the USB charger.