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2022-11-11 01:57:11 By : Ms. June Qian

Introduced last month, General Mills has now returned to officially deliver its AMBUSH x Reese’s Puffs collection in full. Building on its 2019 Travis Scott release and a KAWS collaboration back in 2021, the latest collaboration with Yoon Ahn‘s label continues the cereal name’s series of inventive partnerships that extend from music to art and now fashion. The team-up serves to tap into a new experience and offers a covetable accessory for fans.

Starting with a limited-edition cereal box, the AMBUSH x Reese’s Puffs collaboration is expanded with an immersive breakfast experience. “The Breakfastverse” is a Reese’s Puffs-inspired metaverse that offers an interactive online exploration while you eat breakfast. Participants are invited to navigate their way to the “Chrome Throne” for a chance to win the “Chrome Puff,” a collectible chrome Reese’s Puffs cereal box, and more. Electronic Cigarette

AMBUSH x Reese's Puffs Breakfastverse Chrome Puff/Cereal Box Release | HYPEBEAST

Priced at $150 USD, the Chrome Puff is an expertly crafted cereal bowl turned fashion accessory inspired by AMBUSH’s metallic and modern aesthetic. The bowl and bag comes complete with a foldable chrome spoon for breakfast just about anywhere. Priced at $50 USD, the collectible chrome AMBUSH x Reese’s Puffs cereal box features embossed elements and reflective text that matches the shining look of the Chrome Puff.

The Chrome Puff and collectible cereal box will be available in a limited quantity on the Reese’s Puffs website November 17.

Additionally, AMBUSH and Reese’s Puff is readying “The Next Breakfast Dimension,” an exclusive preview of the Chrome Puff and Breakfastverse in New York City, November 16. The pre-launch event is a futuristic diner destination where food and fashion collide, as guests get a chance to taste, touch, and see the future of breakfast in a chrome-filled experience. The preview and early access is available for reservation first-come, first-serve on OpenTable.

“From where you eat your bowl of cereal to what you eat it out of –the future of breakfast has no limits,” said Mindy Murray, Senior Marketing Communication Manager at General Mills. “There is no one better to bring this futuristic look to life than Yoon Ahn.”

“I’ve always been a huge Reese’s Puffs fan so getting the chance to think about what the future of breakfast could look like alongside an iconic brand was a dream come true,” Yoon Ahn said. “The Chrome Puff is our take on breakfast on the go in the most fashionable way. The metaverse called ‘Breakfastverse’ we built together is playtime for the inner children in all of us. You can enjoy it by yourself as well as with family and friends. It’s going to be a surreal experience that I think everyone will love.”

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AMBUSH x Reese's Puffs Breakfastverse Chrome Puff/Cereal Box Release | HYPEBEAST

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